Learning to Fly in San Diego

The near year-round great weather coupled with beautiful scenery and interesting destinations make the San Diego area one of the best locations to learn to fly.


If you are thinking about learning to fly you have many options not only for the type of license you can get but how you go about getting it.  This site caters for those seeking a Sport, Recreational, Private or Commercial License. My motivation is to share my enthusiasm and joy of flying with others through an informal and flexible club organization.


overlooking San Diego from our plane


Click here to find out more about student pilot flight training and requirements: medical and student pilot certificates. Also sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot knowledge and practical tests.

Where do I start?

Download the Student Pilot  Guide. Call Kris to discuss your plans.

Airman Medical

To find an aeromedical examiner near you, go to www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/