My Philosophy

Learning to fly is more than knowing how to manipulate the controls.  It is about airmanship.  The pilot operates in complex airspace, dealing with weather, air traffic control and regulations.  The pilot needs to take into account the airplane’s performance capabilities (as well as their own limitations).  Every decision the pilot makes is based on their knowledge of all of these factors.  As an instructor, my job is to build a solid foundation so when the pilot is confronted with unexpected circumstances they can resort to this body of knowledge to make the right decisions every time.



Kris Wadolkowski has been flying since the age of 15 and is an independent flying instructor in San Diego. An aerospace engineer by profession, Kris is happy to share his passion for aviation with his students.


Airmanship is the ability to apply a broad range of skills and knowledge, to read every situation correctly and to make sound decisions that  result in safe and efficient flight.

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